Organic Life Guru - Online Sustainable Living courses

Online Sustainable Living Courses

If you've thought about learning, or learning more, about practical, natural, sustainable, self sufficient living, this is definitely the perfect thing! Organic Life Guru sell online video courses to watch any time at your own pace.

Sustainable Living Courses
I'm really happy I'm a partner with them. I love what they're doing. There's not enough of this kind of thing about. 
Sustainable Living Courses
The courses are offered by serious experts and I can only think it must be the permaculture philosophy in action that makes them able to do it so mind blowingly cheaply. 

I think theory always comes before practice, and if you need extra advice they're such an amazing, helpful company/community.

Sustainable Living Courses


Permaculture Design Course   

I feel sure it's best to get a bit of a heads up first, but if you already have, they also offer a full Permaculture Design Course too. There's a lovely video about that on the page.
Apart from the main Permaculture Design Course which is $499, All The Other Courses go from about $20 to $60.               
Remember to always convert the things I have here into your own currency too. Just google. Wherever you are, it's still literally 'dirt' cheap, and they're really thorough courses too

Sustainable Living Courses

You can see the lists of the different modules on the site. You get immediate access, all you need to do is watch the videos any time, you set your own pace. 
How cool is it! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!                             
Sustainable Living Courses

Sustainable Loving

This life is about learning how to love. There are so many more things in our way now, I think trying to push us to achieve our true hearts potential. Natural and sustainable living is the way to achieve true freedom and really show our love, for all of life. Check it out! Thank you x

Sustainable Living Courses

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