Human Needs, Hypnosis and Meditation

Why I Think Spiritual Practice and Meditation and Personal Development and Hypnosis All Have the Same Effect, Why We Need Them, and Some Cool Ideas You Might Not Know About.

 Universal Human Needs                                                                                                                            

The universal most basic human needs identified by ancient and modern teachers have always been defined in similar ways. The psychologist Abraham Maslow's definitive Hierarchy of Needs, and other people's definitions, are more or less the same as the energetic needs and purposes of the major chakras, defined thousands of years ago in the hindu, yogic/tantric texts. You can't really explain these in a couple of pictures though.  have another excellent, detailed explanation of human needs on their site. See that here and Tony Robbins' definitions are also really cool! See them here!

All these needs are important. Though most of us will spend our lives learning how to have them all balanced at the same time, we are all responsible for achieving happiness in all these areas for ourselves. Everything is also only how we perceive it to be, so if we think positively we can see that we do have a lot of them met in a lot of ways already.

What I Think About It and Do Myself

I've either practised or tried out lots of different kinds of meditation techniques in my life. I'm also a fairly experienced Tai Chi practitioner (not gong to classes atm. Well, I'm doing this!) and I learned Transcendental Meditation when I was 16. I'm sure if you're reading this you've probably had experience too with different techniques and practices, meditation or personal development. 

I've never used any meditation technology, but I know they are really cool too because I've had friends in the past who thought they were life changing. You can see what MindPlace do here.

It would be a lot to describe the different meditation methods but if you're not sure what I mean about all of them I don't think it really matters which you pick, or if you don't stick at it, just pick something that inspires you and enjoy trying it out.                                                                  

We're All The Same

I had a couple of times in my life when I used sitting meditation a lot. I kept doing it but it was a strain at the time. And that's not the point. To fit in with what I'm doing now I use affirmations and mindfulfulness when I remember to! as I go about things, and every day I watch/listen to some personal development stuff, and do a hypnosis or guided meditation. But I think it's just as important to do other normal things that I know cheer me up.            

I'm a Sagittarius, a fire sign, I'm very nice, but I know about analysis paralysis, I wanna do what I wanna do and I can get my buttons pushed by things I think are 'wrong'. Like anyone else, I've had painful experiences and done stupid things. But which ended up giving me a deeper understanding and helped me make more positive and dynamic decisions, and I'm sure it's like that for everyone. You can carry on doing the same old stupid crapness, or take the karmic hint. And it's no good just knowing the theory and talking about it. You have to do it.       

Hemi-Sync Monroe Products are really special! Hard to put into a box, and there's too much to say to describe them here. You just have to have a peep and see what they say, and watch the video.        

Spiritual Development Practices and Personal Development Tools Are Similar and Have The Same Effect. 

 All religions/spiritual practices use prayer, affirmations, symbolic ritual and meditation/contemplation as well as religious teachings and texts. Whether you believe the creative force or God is external or not, these things have the practical 'effect' of disciplining the mind and help us have more productive, ethical and co-operative behavior, and more fulfilling lives. 

Also, all religious, spiritual or pagan faiths have the same themes and same sort of universal God energies/saints and angels/deities, or elemental energies, which correspond to what psychology knows as psychological 'archetypes', like 'the mother', 'the father' and loads of others. All of them use symbolic rituals and the use of repetition. There's no real difference between mala beads and rosary beads. There's no technical difference between saying sanskrit mantras or prayers/affirmations in your own language. 

It's known that there are some holy languages containing healing vibrational sounds. I still use mantras sometimes, but I think saying something positive to yourself in a language you understand gets into your brain more. If you feel something works, it works.
Spirituality and religion is an inextricable part of our psychology. Psychologically based personal development has the same positive effect on growth as what we perceive as the path to enlightenment. Practicality and spirituality are not separate things. I don't think it matters which of these you do, as long as you try to keep yourself tuned in to God/positivity/yourself and your own mind.


We've all had bad experiences, and things we don't like happen every day. Negativity is vibrationally 'heavier'. It's more energetically dense. It literally has more 'weight' and pull. Its a fact of human life that we need to get control over our own thoughts and usually we need help with it.
Hypnosis and other tools are cool because it's easier when someone's helping you, but you don't need to put your negs onto someone else, and people can make you worse when they help you!:)
Hypnosis is amazing these days too! Hypnotherapists combine layers of scientifically researched tools like storytelling and imagery, affirmations, NLP techniques, binaural beats, solfeggio tones, and lots of others, designed for really specific issues. That's obviously better than just saying affirmations on your own!                                                                                      

I think hypnosis or hypnotherapy and guided meditations are the same thing really too, except that hypnosis is better! Personal Development gurus, psychologists and psychiatrists see psychology much more as a spiritual thing now than they ever did. Everything's coming together and we're coming to a new understanding.

Why we need To Use Things Like These 

We all have to cope with external triggers, it's important to keep your emotional footing. We all have personal insecurities, but nobody's king of the world, we're all as good and crap as each other. Some people are more more emotionally vulnerable and some have higher social status, but it's like that for everyone.
Meditation, hypnosis and other personal development techniques help with that above everything else, and we all help each other best when we focus primarily on sorting out our own problems.

I hope people feel encouraged to have a go at something. Look up some of the ideas if you want to know more about them, or have a look at the products links, and coolness if you want to try any of them out. It's interesting to have a go at and important to fit them in, because it improves everything else in your life, and you've only got one, right? x 

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