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Ethical Trade

Ethical Trade This is another one of my first, introductory posts about the different areas I'll be covering. You know what this one is. There's nothing more lovely than a gift to yourself or to someone else that has kindness and loveliness all over it!

Hopefully all or most of the things on my here are ethical trade, but this area covers the really good stuff! I've got the most gorgeous stuff to show you here! x

Ethical Stores For Makers Of Handmade Crafts

How CoolIs This Site Please ? 
And it's Completely Free!              

This site hasn't got an affiliate program so I can't make any money out of it, but I just think it's so mind blowing and some people might want the idea. It offers a completely free online shop to any Proper Hippy Ducks, got to be a proper, no messers, who make anything! It's all people on the same trip and looking for that kind of thing and it's got an excellent look and feel. Why don't you put your stuff on there. It's obviously really simple to do and there's such lovely stuff on it already. x

Natural Health
The current predominant medical model in the world, started in the west is called 'the Biomedical model'. Believe it or not, and when you think about it, this model of treatment for illness, i.e. treating or managing the symptoms with expensive tablets and vaccines, has only been around since the 19th century! 

Yes, we have to try out ideas, it's evolution, but we know that part of learning is when we do things but then realise they were a mistake :)  

We are a product of nature. All natural systems evolve, but to do so they will go through problem stages they have to overcome. In natural and holistic healing, illness is thought of as a reaction to the intake of unhealthy external energy leading to unhealthy physical, psychological or emotional imbalance. 

If illness was caused by stress, how is the system we have now going to help? We really think there is, but there's actually nothing wrong with anyone. It's the system, our own, and the…

Arts and Handmade Crafts

Why We Need To Encourage Individual Expression Creativity is an essential hippy thing because is so integral to emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Too much emphasis on the logical and 'technical' causes stress. Emotions are our life force and spiritual channel. Left brainism has permeated our collective psychology so that creative, expressive people are undervalued. Some artists and creatives will make it big only with support and it's often at the expense of their true expression. 

 A Healthier Economy
The economy needs more healthy small businesses. There’s a common argument for supporting the big business 'throw away' industry involving workers from poor countries, that is, that it gives poor people jobs, like it's a practical answer to the idea, the 'fact' that we all need to scrabble and fight to survive and that's just the way it is, but it's not like that for everyone! I would say that is an excuse and a patch up job that just …

Personal Development

We are here to grow, expand and evolve. Every thought we have is passed on, ultimately into the collective consciousness, through emotional energy, body language, our actions and our words. We do need other people to help us sometimes. Sharing thoughts and feelings is an important part of all healthy relationships, but it’s important to strike a balance and not unnecessarily pass negativity onto others, who may not be best placed to help. In order really to love and honor ourselves and each other we are responsible for our own personal happiness and evolution.

It's our nature and purpose to reach for happiness and the light, but pain and darkness are just as much a necessary part of that process of growth. We can learn just by living, but then it’s common for us to continue repeating the same cycles of behaviors before we do, which can be very painful.

Personal development techniques help us miss out some of pain, and speed up the enlightenment process because they help eliminate ne…

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living
Sustainable Living is what this whole thing is about. Sustainable     
means it can be sustained through renewal and kept reproducing rather than being wasted. The term can be applied to any context ofhealthy, prosperous and balanced living including the management of money and our relationships with others because it is about getting the most from the thing itself, involving the practical, knowledgeable, skillful use and reuse of resources.

In general we use the term ‘sustainable living’ today to mean the respectful use and management of natural resources, use of ecologically harmonious products, natural building techniques and the practical, natural procurement of food.It covers a lot of areas including re and upcycling, permaculture, organic food, renewable energy, tiny house building, survivalism and general everyday green living.

Sustainable living is in harmony with who we are and where we live. In a spiritual context it's cyclical, natural, spiritual or kar…