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Heartmath UK

The HeartMath Solution
Post Update:I wrote this ages ago. Now, as well asHeartmath U.K.I'm also in America, so you can buythings from there too if it's easier. 
I only have one link for Heartmath UK, but I can send you to specific places on the site with clickthis highlighted linkto see theirmain products emWave and Inner Balanceand you can checkout their Practitioner's and Coaches Training Programs here.Here are the HeartMath Books, and click here fortheir Products to helpChildren and Teenagers
You canlisten to their webinars instantly at the bottom of the pages too! I've done some of them and they're really cool! I hope you'll check it out! This video is about Heartmath Inner Balance App for iPhone, iPod, iPad, but now they also have it for Android too!

HeartMath U.K.Maybe you've already heard of HeartMath or The HeartMath Institute. HeartMath is a global leader in research involving the Heart-Mind Connection and its relatio…