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Eartheasy Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids

This is aboutEartheasy's lovely eco-friendly gifts for kids.
I haven't got any kids of my own, but I've looked after other people's and I know it's hard not to give in to what they 'know' they want. It's not being too bossy, it's protective. There's some weird, stressful toys and games, that also cost a lot, they're really addictive too so it's ongoing. 

People wanting to make money know that kids are easily influenced, especially by each other. You can always do what seems right to you as their parent, and kids really feel better when they know where they stand. I know you already hippies know that!

Who cares if we're not perfect. We can do whatever's possible, and what I'm doing is for people who are thinking that way themselves anyway. We all know that a lot of the time kids really have more fun with simple toys that are good for them. I've seen that myself, in action, loads of times.

Look at these toys from Eartheasy! The…