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Hypnotherapy Downloads & Opportunities For Professional Counsellors & Therapists

Hello. How's it going! You look really nice today! I'm having very bad technical probs! I was even locked out of Twitter! I'm in again, there's a lot more problems which I think must have caused that, and which I'm hoping they're going to help me sort out. I would like to go on! I'm only saying it because I know people must have noticed. It's nearly the end of Mercury Retrograde though, and everything is cosmic too, so hopefully it'll be ok, and in that time, also, I've put loads of new material together! New ideas, and I'm ready to go with those! (Update - Thanks a million gazillion to (Twitter Support (and God) they sorted it all out and it's completely perfect)

This is about Uncommon Knowledge and their sites:- HypnosisDownloads.Com;Uncommon PractitionersandUncommon Practitioners TV!See thathereAt the bottom of all this isatable of theirTop 100 Hypnosis Audios,foranyone,and alsosome cool ideas from them for people who areCounselling or…