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This is some other recommended resources while I move to a new website. Downloadable information products. They're things that sell very well. They're cheap and excellent. Some of them I've bought and done, or I'm doing, but most of them I haven't tried. I think I've picked some of the best ones though! See if there's any you want to check out!

I've asked you to subscribe to my email list before you see their offer. I'll send some more ideas like that and keep in touch. You can put your email in even if I've already got it, with any of them that you want to see. You know you don't need to stay subbed if you don't like it, and as always, I'll get a cut of anything you spend money on. I hope you think they're as cool as I do. There's no obligation with any of the. I hope you get it, and catch you later in an email!

Click on any of the titles to see it!


Build Zero's WOOD BURNING ROCKET STOVE! FREE Simple plans! Or buy the Delux plans for $20!! and make a cool one!!

Build ANY SHED in A WEEK! Could you imagine doing it in a week!
Check it out!

Build your own Solar Water Heater!Easily Build Your Own Solar Water Heater and Save up to 33%! off your electric bill, every month! While also helping the environment!

Build your own TINY HOUSE with LUCY'S TINY HOUSE PLANS! If you want to do this it's really cheap and lovely! Check it out!

HOME LAPTOP REPAIR COURSE! Fixing stuff for people is sexy! How much money could you make fixing and recycling laptops? Check it out!

Omg! Build your own WIND and SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM! I don't know! Click here and have a look at it!!

Build your own 50mph SUPERFAST ELECTRIC BIKE! This is amazing! Do you want to do that? Have a look!

Learn to RECONDITION BATTERIES Even Vehicle and Fork Lift Truck Batteries! You can Save and Make LOTS of Money with this!

Wood Profits Guide to starting YOUR OWN WOOD WORKING BUSINESS Easily, From Home, Without Capital or Experience!


PENCIL PORTRAIT MASTERY Learn to draw realistic pencil portraits for passion or profit!

Learn all guitar Styles and tips, Beginner to advanced here!

UlTIMATE LEARN BELLY DANCING Online Course! Shake it baby! It looks cool! Want to do that? Check it out!

SUPERIOR SONG WRITING Learn, study or improve your song writing! Check!


BAR BROTHERS: THE SYSTEM! Complete Calisthenics TRAINING FOR BODY AND MIND! Indescribably cool! and inspiring! Breathtaking video you've got to see!

COOKING WITH PLANTS! Easy vegan recipes anyone can make! 
Are you vegan? Set yourself up for the rest of your life as an exceptional vegan cook! here 

30 Day Email Course. Lovely, mind blowing testimonials! I haven't asked for your name. If you know you are ready, check it out!

BANISH BELLY BLOAT IN 21 DAYS! Follow the system. You can get rid of IBS belly problems even if you've had it a long time!

ONE YOGA TIP FOR A TINY BELLY. If you've got a big belly, but you want a tiny one, You can give it a go! 

If it's just not working out with you and Mary anymore, and if you can stand up to your friends, and if you're nearly as cool as me! There's two different quit weed courses to try:

CANNABIS COACH: Quit Marijuana

QUIT MARIJUANA: The Complete Guide

OUTSMART INSOMNIA I don't know if it works, but it's worth a go! Click here to try!

100 HEALTHY RAW FOOD SNACKS ANYONE CAN MAKE! Exactly like it says on the carrot! I've gone a bit more raw food! I'm really interested in it! Check it out if you want to!


LAW OF ATTRACTION FOR KIDS "Stop struggling to give your kids a better life. Empower them to succeed with goal setting and confidence, and learn law of attraction with them"

TALKING TO TODDLERS: Unique child psychology tips for parenting the terrible twos

MEET YOUR SWEET: Relationships Guides! Where's my hunny, what am I doing wrong! Check it out! 

THE EX FACTOR: GET YOUR EX BACK! Omg! What did you do! This is very popular!

THE MAGIC OF MAKING UP! Another one! With a really nice teacher! 
Have a look!


WRITE A BOOK IN 24 HOURS! This is amazing! Check it out!

K. MONEY MASTERY: Everything you need to need to become a best selling Amazon Kindle Book Publisher! Go for it and become an author and publisher!

THE ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR! This looks stunning, loads of people love it and has amazing support!


JOE VITALE: THE AWAKENED MILLIONAIRE ACADEMY! This is stunning! Try it out here!

 JOE VITALE: ATTRACT A NEW CAR! What car would you love? He's done it loads of times. He'll show you!

REIKI FOR HORSES! Become an accredited Reiki Horse Healer! If you already do reiki, wouldn't you love to have this one? See what it's like!

JOE VITALE: CERTIFIED HO'OPNOPONO PRACTITIONERS COURSE! This is the real deal from the master of law of attraction for whatever you need to release and a deeper understanding Check here.

Two different wicca/witchcraft aids, to anchor your intentions within yourself and the natural forces/God(/Goddess)/the universe. However you describe it.




Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones: THE SOULMATE ATTRACTOR! Tons of people have a soulmate relationship. They will help you think of it in the right way and draw it into your life! Guaranteed!! Ready?

Steve G. Jones: ASTRAL TRAVEL NOW!! Go for it!


Ultimate LEARN TAROT Online Course! Tarot is a lovely thing to learn as long as you treat it as such and this woman looks like a brilliant teacher! Have a look!


THE GANESHA EXPERIENCE: 9 Secrets of Ganesha! Another cool and unique Law of Attraction site from a religious perspective! I really like this! See if you do too!

Watch MANIFESTATION MIRACLE! CLICK HERE to begin Manifesting your dreams!!

FREE NUMEROLOGY REPORT! Discover the divine destiny encoded in your name! 

I hope you picked the one/s you liked. Thank you! Speak to you soon!

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