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A Special Romantic Gift: Welsh Love Spoons For Valentines Day, Weddings and Other Occasions

TONY ROBBINS TICKETS AND PROGRAMS ARE CURRENTLY ON SALE WITH THOUSANDS OFF! Welsh Love SpoonsIf you're looking for a really special Valentines Day, Wedding Day or Anniversary present, handmadeWelsh Love Spoons, tokens of love, affection and romance, must be one of the loveliest traditional crafts in theworld. Given by men in courtship as far back as the 16th century, or earlier, Welsh Love Spoons are made from a single piece of wood, to indicate the hard work and skill of the carver.

Spoons themselves were a symbol of the ability to provide, and there were lots of other symbols incorporated into the design to show the suitor's intentions and understanding of the requirements for marriage. Some of the most classic symbols are shown in the next image.

If you want to, you can make your ownVirtual Love Spoonrightherejust forfun, which you can email to your friends and family! I've had a few goes of it myself!

The Welsh Love spoon Galleryat Mumbles,South Wales, is a well loved tour…