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We're here, WE KNIT! Get used to it! How To Become a Guerilla Knitter

I bet you've already heard of Yarn Bombing?! Also called Guerilla Knitting! Or Granny Graffiti! Well if not, you have now! See the Wikipedia Definition here! You can see what they do from the pictures! Except it's not just 'grannies'! It's all gorgeous people of any age!
Creative Pride.  Yarn bombing has become a lovely funny form of social protest in recent years all ALL OVER THE WORLD.

They do it in towns and cities, but even in the natural environment. Rather than angry, pessimistic, or even 'peaceful', it's a surreal and friendly, cute and funny mind-check against over-seriousness, sameness and passionless and heartless order. It's not permanent and a lot of the time, they even get proper permission first, and do it for a charity or community event!
A Crafty and Creative Movement.Apart from wanting to keep it kind and natural, the sustainable living movement wants to revive creativity and handmade and traditional crafts, because then anyone in the…