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Join The Powerful New Eating Psychology Movement

This is about a special and unique opportunity with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating for anyone already involved in Nutrition, Lifestyle and Health Coaching, or Psychology and Healing, as well as anyone who's had Their Own Problems with Weightloss, Eating Disorders and Food Related Health Problems.

The conscious, holistic, sustainable living movement is very interested in natural food. We've been becoming more and more aware of the role and effect of food in our lives. We believe in having positive person and body image. We want to address the core of the problem and treat the whole person, in the most natural and uncomplicated ways.

We know that the food we've been eating for a long time is a mess. But we're making it better too. We understand so much more about how nutrition affects our biology and even mental health, and there's always more to learn. We know that foods can cause physical illnesses, and that people can even have fatal allergic responses …