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How To Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

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Intuition is needed and used to help other people, as well as to know who to trust. Real intuition, not the hysterical, suspicious or paranoid type, is more true, and more reliable than logic. Because intuition is aligned with empathy. Intuition is emotionally intelligent logic. Sensitive and intuitive people can, for better or worse, see what is really happening behind surface appearances. A great many people apparently cannot, and people are most likely to believe and trust and think, what other people believe, trust and think. I know you know this story here.

A lot of the time what people think is intuition, is really hysterical fear, over-analysis, judgement, suspicion, envy,  paranoia. A plain, ordinary nightmare, there to show you what you're worried about or mentally processing, can have such a sharp emotional effect that it is taken to be a PROPHESY! Fear is a powerful emotion with a powerful energy, so of cou…